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Federal Work Study Policies

When you apply for financial aid you may be offered federal work-study as part of your institutions financial package. ¬†Federal work-study is a program funded partially by the federal government to provide a source of income for students. Work-study is granted to students as part of their financial aid package, which means that students must […]

FAFSA Work Study

The FAFSA Work Study application process is undergone by every student in the country when they apply for federal student aid. However, not all students meet the criteria for this program. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid requires the input of financial and other information that enables an educational institute to make determinations concerning […]

Federal Work Study Awards

Federal Work Study awards are granted to students with financial need as a means of assistance with the costs of post secondary education. The program is federally funded by the United States Department of Education, but is managed and administered by more than 3,400 individual schools, colleges, and universities. Federal Work Study awards are easy […]

Federal Work Study Grant

The Federal Work Study Grant is a government-funded monetary award provided to students with financial need to pursue post secondary education. Students who are awarded the Federal Work Study Grant are provided with a specific allotment that is paid to them in exchange for part time work. This grant is awarded to students who apply […]

Federal Work Study FAQ

FWS (Federal Work Study) FAQ The Federal Work Study program provides vital training and funding for those in need of money for college. The program is designed to provide students that require additional money with part time employment that can be used to make up the difference. In essence, these are government subsidized jobs. There […]

Federal Work Study Taxes

Federal Work Study taxes are typically payable by all students enrolled and actively participating in the Federal Work Study program. This program is designed to assist students with financial need to pay for the costs associated with pursuing their post secondary educational objectives. Income generated under this program is generally considered taxable on a federal […]

Federal Work Study Jobs

FWS Jobs: What You Can Expect to Do The Federal Work Study program is an important tool for you; knowing what kind of jobs to look for will help you determine if this program is the right fit for your needs. Listed below, you’ll find several common job positions, pay grades and job duties that […]

Federal Work Study Eligibility

Understanding Federal Work Study Eligibility The FWS, or Federal Work Study program, offers valuable experience and funding for students in financial need. Before applying, you must understand the eligibility requirements of the program and what is required to remain eligible throughout your school career. Complying with the eligibility requirements is actually very easy; they’re broadly […]

Federal Work Study Application

The Federal Work Study application is also called the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA. This is the same form that all students in the United States are required to fill out when seeking federal student aid. The FAFSA is available at over three thousand schools, colleges, and universities across the nation, ensuring […]