Federal Work Study Application

The Federal Work Study application is also called the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA. This is the same form that all students in the United States are required to fill out when seeking federal student aid. The FAFSA is available at over three thousand schools, colleges, and universities across the nation, ensuring that students seeking to attend nearly any school in the country can get the federal funding they need. The Federal Work Study application is easy to fill out and requires very little time to complete, however, students can opt to meet with a work study program administrator or other school official if they require assistance in completing the application process.

The Federal Work Study application seeks to determine if the applicant is considered a student with financial need. This is because, like nearly all programs under the federal student aid umbrella, the federal work study program is for individuals who have less financial resources available to them than other students do. Information used on the Federal Work Study application to determine financial need include such factors as student status, expected family contributions, number of members in the household, and number of members in the household also attending school at least half-time. This information is vital to capture, as work study awards vary greatly from student to student, entirely depending upon the individual financial status of the applicant.

In addition to the Federal Work Study application, there are a number of other documents that an awardee should be expected to provide. For tax purposes, this includes IRS form W4 for employment verification purposes, and IRS form 1040 for income and wage reporting purposes. Because the Federal Work Study application does not discuss a student’s tax liability under the program, it is vital that a student contact a tax consultant in order to ensure that their tax liabilities are covered. Money earned under the Federal Work Study program is considered taxable in most cases, and in cases where it is not, the student is still required to submit proof that their liabilities have been met or otherwise mitigated.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or Federal Work Study application, must be filled out each year prior to January 1st. This is because funds for the program are only provided by the federal government once each year, and because federal requirements stipulate that all students be re-evaluated each year to be certain qualifications for federal aid are still being met. The Federal Work Study application can be obtained by requesting it from any school, or by downloading it from the web. As all schools that offer federal aid require the use of the form, an applicant can fill out the form once and provide copies to all of the schools they wish to attend. Additionally, each school administers the program differently, and some schools may offer distinct benefits under the program that others simply do not. For this reason, providing a completed copy of a Federal Work Study application to multiple schools may yield information, features, or benefits that enable a student to make the best decision concerning their educational goals and their ability to achieve those goals financially.


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