Federal Work Study Grant

The Federal Work Study Grant is a government-funded monetary award provided to students with financial need to pursue post secondary education. Students who are awarded the Federal Work Study Grant are provided with a specific allotment that is paid to them in exchange for part time work. This grant is awarded to students who apply via the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and changes from year to year and school to school. As a result, students considering the Federal Work Study Grant should apply as early as possible in order to be successful in obtaining the grant.

The Federal Work Study Grant is not a traditional grant in the sense that students do not receive the entire amount of the award at once. Under this program, students are employed in a field relative to their chosen degree path, or work in a capacity that improves the public community. The money paid to the student for their employment comes directly from the grant award. School administrators make an award determination based upon financial need, and the student is allowed to participate in the Federal Work Study Program and earn up to the total amount of the award over the school year. Funding for this program is provided to the educational institution once per year, so students that do not utilize all of their award can potentially rob other students of the opportunity to participate in the program. For this reason, students are strongly urged to fulfill their Federal Work Study Grant commitments.

Awards under the Federal Work Study Grant program are only granted to students who are deemed financially needy. This determination is made utilizing data provided on the student’s FAFSA, such as dependent or independent status, income and assets, parental financial information, household size, and total number of household members attending post secondary education. Establishing need occurs via a formula developed by the United States Department of Education and congress, and sets forth fair standards for awarding the Federal Work Study Grant to students who demonstrate the most financial need.

More than 3400 schools nationwide offer and administer the Federal Work Study Grant. Individual schools are afforded a great amount of flexibility in the way they manage the program, and as a result different schools may have different limitations. For instance, some schools require a cap on the total amount of hours a student may work in a week, and some schools rescind the award when a participating student’s GPA (Grade Point Average) drops below a certain level. Regardless of a school’s specific limitations, students actively enrolled in the Federal Work Study Grant program are assured of fair wages to be at least equal to that of the federal minimum wage. However, students can earn more than this in some cases.

Under the Federal Work Study Grant program, participating schools work hard to ensure that the student’s employment is relative to their coursework. As a result, a student may work directly for the school itself, for a private employer, a non-profit organization, or a government agency. Additionally, some private organizations will supplement the Federal Work Study Grant program by providing additional funds to either increase the student’s pay, or to decrease or eliminate the employer’s contributions to the student. As the educational institutions that manage these programs do so according to varying rules and regulations, a student wishing to apply for the Federal Work Study Grant program should contact each school individually and request a consultation.

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