Federal Work Study Jobs

FWS Jobs: What You Can Expect to Do

The Federal Work Study program is an important tool for you; knowing what kind of jobs to look for will help you determine if this program is the right fit for your needs. Listed below, you’ll find several common job positions, pay grades and job duties that FWS offers through the majority of their schools; remember that this is by no means a comprehensive list of jobs. Job offerings will vary by school and geographic area.

Job Examples:

Building Attendant: Duties can include security on site during and after business hours, equipment monitoring, surveillance monitoring and setup responsibilities. This is usually a pay grade of 3, though that will vary with the assigned duties.

Computer Assistant: Database management, web page design and implementation, hardware and software troubleshooting, as well as developing specific software and program analysis. Advanced computer skills are required to successfully complete this job. Usually carries a pay grade of 4.

Computer Lab Monitor: Assists with computer lab duties, including helping students, monitoring computer equipment, limited computer training for those less skilled. Rapid learning is a plus in this job, as is software proficiency. The pay grade is usually 3.

Library Assistant: General library assistance, filing, sorting stacking and research duties. Other duties can include card issuing and clerical work. A pay grade of 2 is average for this position.

Office Assistant: General office duties throughout the organization, including filing, copying, printing and document development. This position can include secretarial duties, as well as other aspects. Students with strong skills in Microsoft Office products are preferred. The pay grade is usually around 2, though it will vary with job responsibilities.

Research Assistant: Helps catalog, record and analyze data for students and professors. Can also work in laboratories cleaning and supplying equipment as needed, researching and writing papers and dissertations, and much more. Pay grade is can vary greatly depending on specific job duties and responsibilities.

There are numerous other opportunities that can be found, as well. Some jobs will not be on campus, but offered through nonprofit organizations in the local area. These can consist of almost anything. However, most jobs will be through the school you are attending. Professor’s assistants, teaching aides, lifeguards, grounds keeping and many others are also commonly found.

Regardless of the job you perform, you will receive needed funds and valuable training that will help prepare you for the future.

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